The Art of Effective Critique + Self-Critique

Applying the principles of effective critique to improve your images, your art, your presentation, and your greater overall path as an artist.

What to improve your images? Your website? Have a stronger portfolio? Be an artist who continually grows?

The key to improving in your photography, your art, your direction, your business (if you have one) and greater path is through awareness of your strengths and the areas in which you can improve.

In this 4-hour deep-dive on the critique process, experienced photographer, speaker, and artist Dave Brosha moves beyond the traditional notion of the “single image critique.” You'll examine how to undergo the traditional image critique process—both from a giving and receiving perspective—but also how to apply the principals of critique to shooting in the field, to your portfolio and presentation as an artist, your websites, and even your “bigger picture” goals and life obstacles.


Topics in this course:

What Is A Critic

How Can I Benefit from the Critique Process

Are All Critiques Equal?

How to Seek Out Beneficial Critiques

Approaches to Critiquing

Giving and Receiving Image Critiques

Giving and Receiving Portfolio Critiques

Giving and Receiving Website Critiques

What is Self-Critique and Why Is It A Game-Changer?

Deep Dive: Self-Critiques

Creating Action Plans Out of Self-Awareness

Most people think of “critique” as a scary process in which someone judges you and your work. It’s an intimidating word, and there are a lot of hesitations artists go through in putting themselves “out there” for a critique.

At the end of this course, you will not only be able to effectively critique other people’s work (and apply those lessons to your own work), you will—more importantly—be able to apply the powerful notion of effective self-critique to all areas of your own creative world, all in the name of constant refinement and improvement in all aspects of you.


• Award-winning, multi-genre photographer, educator and world traveller based in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and the co-founder of OFFBEAT

• Nikon called him: "One of the most celebrated creative photographers in the world."

• a Sigma Pro Photographer and StrobePro Professional

• Author of Northern Light and regular contributor to Photo Life Magazine and Outdoor Photography Canada.

“I had the amazing opportunity to have my website reviewed my Dave. Dave’s success in website design, marketing and photography shone through brightly on his recommendations for improvement. As a professional photographer, I really appreciated Dave’s very simple detailed yet powerful tips on how to improve the look, feel and marketing on my website. Dave has a very good knack to deliver his feedback in a positive and inspiring manner. I am super excited to get to work implementing all his recommendations. As Nike says, Just Do It!"

- Lee Nordbye, Photographer

"Wow!!! Dave Brosha really critiques himself to the next level with The Art of Effective Critique + Self Critique. As Dave unravels the mysteries and the stigma of the critique he removes the fear of it. He shows us the true language of the critique and how it helps to push us to make those small tweaks and look for those elements that will make people go 'wow.' As we refine these skill sets and explore the fundamentals of the critique we become stronger photographers and marketers."

- Kris Andres, Photographer

The Art of Effective Critique offered by Dave Brosha and Offbeat is a truly unique opportunity for self growth and improving your overall photography. Dave’s honest and genuine approach to critique and realistic feedback, serves as a positive tool every photographer can use to become better at his or her craft. The lessons learned here can be applied to almost every aspect of photography…be it an image, a website or overall approach to your work. A must have for all photographers!"

- Ian Proctor, Photographer

“I had the chance to have a portion of my website reviewed and critiqued by Dave and came away with a few key takeaways that will really help. I like that Dave took the time to review the entirety of the portfolio and come up with some digestible suggestions on how to improve it, based on his experience and some current best practices. It's hard to put yourself out there to be critiqued, but Dave has the ability to deliver advice in a way that is humble but still impressionable. Excited to make some improvements!"

- Matt Ferguson, Photographer

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